About Center of the Elemental Spirit


Over the past quarter of a century in Wicca, there have been a lot of changes happening. When many of us started out, Covens were the main way to be involved with a few Solitary Practitioners to be found. As the Craft has "come out of the broom closet" more information is available than ever before. What does not seem to be there is the sense of Spiritual Community we had all those years ago. We have many wonderful social outlets these days. They serve a tremendous purpose and I am thrilled they exist. However, as times evolve, it seems fair to say we can evolve as well. What we look forward to with this group is what a friend of mine has affectionately termed "Congregational Wicca", a place where people can join together, learn, build a foundation and grow as individual spiritual beings through community and ritual work. Our hope is that this idea will find others with a similar interest in joining in a spiritual community.

The lessons given are founded in Wiccan teachings of many traditions as well as some philosophy and theology from Buddhism, Shamanism, Transcendentalism and wherever else we may find inspiration. Please join us on this journey.